Front cover of the book Gent, by Geoffrey Butler


“A policeman in plain clothes is one man; in his uniform he is ten.”
— Mark Twain, The Czar’s Soliloquy 

A self published effort, Gent tells the story of a rapidly changing community in Toronto, Canada. While gentrification can grow a neighbourhood’s status and diversity, the speed of change can leave some men displaced. This monograph explores the intersection of identity, value, and belonging, and serves to document the honour of a man with or without his uniform.

72 pages, softcover
Printed in Canada
24.4cm x 34.4cm
Edition of 100

Portrait spread of a man in blue overalls along side a shadow of a truck.
Photobook spread of utility towers after a storm.
Photo spread of an older man in an overcoat and sunglasses.
Portrait of a man wearing a red sweatshirt holding a lottery ticket seen in a photobook.
A tangled cable wire hangs off a red brick building.
Documentary spread of a fireman and his uniform.
Back cover of the book Gent, by Geoffrey Butler
Front cover of the book Gent, by Geoffrey Butler

Geoffrey Butler blends documentary with portraiture to create simple stories for publications and entrepreneurs.